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og东方_The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive.中国高铁的质量独树一帜,因为它规模可观。There are more than twice as many high-speed trains in China as the rest of the world combined.中国享有高铁的数量是其他国家高铁数量总和的两倍多。Tier 1 cities like Beijing have a couple hundred high-speed trains stopping at the city every day.像北京一线城市每天有几百辆高铁停站。And the Chinese Spring Festival is just a mad house – an estimated 3 billion trips take place within a 2-week window. It would be the equivalent of every American taking 10 trips during Christmas, or every European taking 5 trips during Christmas. All the train tickets are gone within like 10 seconds after they become available.春节期间的中国真是就是个疯人院,短短两周内有将近30亿人次的客流。

这相等于每一个美国人在圣诞期间旅行十次,或者每个欧洲人在圣诞节旅行五次。所有的动车票一可售旋即在十秒内售空。Firstly, China’s technology on building the railway is leading the rest of the world and there is no sign that any other country could surpass China’s position in near future.首先,中国在建设铁路的技术上排在世界,并且在近期内没国家可以多达中国。

Secondly, China’s trains are based on Japanese, German and French models.其次,中国的高铁是基于日本、德国以及法国火车模型。At last, the scale of Chinese high-speed train is unthinkable to other countries which has high-speed train network.最后,中国的高铁规模对于其他国家来说是无法想象的,并且中国享有繁盛的高铁网络。I had my first opportunity to ride the high-speed trains last week when I had a business meeting in Zhengzhou.由于上周我在郑州有个商务会议,我有了第一个机会乘坐高铁。

As someone who grew up with a disdain for public transportation (not sure why the US hates it so much), I was dreading the experience. I pushed hard to fly, but was told that it would be much better if I took the train.由于带着对公共交通的种族主义而茁壮(我也不确认为什么美国如此喜欢交通),我对此次经历带着不安。我期望需要乘坐飞机,但却被告诉乘坐高铁不会更佳一点。The train was amazing. I had traveled on an Amtrak train before in the US, and hated how slow it was and how many stops there were. Chinese high-speed trains are on a different level.这辆高铁十分给力。

我曾多次乘坐过美国的Amtrak 火车,但是它速度奇慢而且常常停下,十分喜欢。跟中国的高铁不是在一个水准上。First, when I say they are high-speed, I mean they are high-speed.首先,当我说道他们是高速,我的意思也就是指他们显然是高速的。

The trains are clean and the seats are huge. There are ample power outlets and you can’t even feel how fast the train is moving. If there were no windows, I wouldn’t be able to tell when we were stopped or when we were traveling at 300 km/h—it is thatsmooth.火车上十分的整洁,而且座位相当大。有很多插座可以给你电池,而且你显然感觉将近火车的速度有多慢。

如果不是有窗户,我都不告诉什么时候落下了什么时候速度上了300km/h,火车十分稳定。The trains are very advanced and the stations are new. The terminal in Zhengzhou looked like you could fit a million people in it even though it isn’t a Tier-1 city. It had shops and a food court and the trains would silently pull in and out of the station perfectly on schedule.火车十分的先进设备而且车站也很新的。郑州的终点站看上去能容纳一百万人,尽管它并不是一线城市。它具有商店以及美食广场,而且火车不会安静的驶进驶进站点而且按时准点。

I’m traveling again this week by train and I’m excited.这一周我又再度乘坐高铁,我感觉很激动。The high-speed trains are incredible.高铁知道很不可思议。



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