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og东方:Yahoo acknowledged on Thursday that data for at least 500m user accounts was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it believes was “a state-sponsored actor.”雅虎(Yahoo)周四否认,2014年末,最少5亿用户的账户数据被据信是“政府反对的”黑客从该公司网络盗取。Tog东方he embattled internet group said the information stolen may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.这家焦头烂额的互联网集团回应,被盗取的信息有可能还包括姓名、电子邮件地址、电话号码、出生日期和散列密码,在某些情况下还有加密或者并未加密的安全性问题和答案。

Yahoo stressed however that payment card data and bank account information has not been compromised. It said:然而,雅虎特别强调,支付卡数据和银行账户信息没失窃。Based on the ongoing investigation, Yahoo believes that information associated with at least 500 million user accounts was stolen and the investigation has found no evidence that the state-sponsored actor is currently in Yahoo’s network. Yahoo is working closely with law enforcement on this matter.根据仍在进行的调查,雅虎坚信最少5亿用户的账户信息被盗取。调查没找到指出上述政府后台黑客仍隐蔽在雅虎网络内部的证据。

雅虎于是以与执法人员部门早已问题密切合作。Having reached a deal to sell its core internet business to Verizon earlier in July, Yahoo shares are now seen to be more of play on the company’s stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, rather a punt on its business fundamentals.今年7月早些时候,雅虎与Verizon达成协议,将其核心互联网业务出售给了后者,如今人们投资雅虎股票更好是考虑到该公司持有人的中国电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的股份,而不是对其业务基本面的押注。:og东方。


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