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og东方|HandEnergy is an ingenious apple-sized device that charges your phone anytime, anywhere. But what really makes this thing special is the fact that it uses your own personal energy to do it.HandEnergy是一款苹果大小的天才产品,能让你随时随地为手机电池。然而,这款产品确实的独有之处在于:它能运用你自己的能量电池。



In a time where power-banks and solar-power devices have become mainstream, a device that lets you charge gadgets on the go doesnt sound very special. But while power-banks have to be charged the old fashioned way, and solar panels need the sun to store energy, HandEnergy just needs a hand. To get this little guy to produce energy, which it then stores in built-in batteries, all you have to do is hold it in your hand and rotate your wrists.在一个移动电源和太阳能电源已沦为主流的时代,一款能让你随时平常电池的设备听得一起并没什么尤其的。但是,移动电源必需用传统方式电池,太阳能电池板必须太阳来储蓄能量,而HandEnergy只要一只手就不够了。要让这个小玩意儿产生能量并将其储藏在内置电池中,你只必须把它握住在手中并发条手腕就可以了。To use HandEnergy, users start by winding a starter ring. This transmits a signal to activate the rotor, at which point they can start rotating their wrists to keep the rotor spinning. It might sound hard to believe, but the rotor inside HandEnergy spins at an average speed of 5,000 rotations per minute, transmitting mechanical power to create an electric current, and charging the built-in batteries. To charge a device, all you have to do is hook it up to HandEnergy using a USB cable.要想要用于HandEnergy,用户一开始要再行缠绕启动绳。

这个动作不会收到一个信号转录转子,然后他们就可以转动手腕让转子转下去了。有可能听得一起难以置信,但是HandEnergy内部的转子能以每分钟5000并转的平均速度转动,将机械能转化成为电流,为内置电池电池。想要为设备电池时,你只需用一根USB线将其与HandEnergy相连才可。HandEnergy was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, raising over $71,000 in one month, and will be available for the masses in May 2017, at a price of 99 euros. One thing is for sure – it beats paying thousands of dollars on a solar-powered gadget-charging coat.HandEnergy早已顺利地在Kickstarter网站上发动众筹,并在一个月的时间内筹措到了多达71000美元,可以在2017年5月批量生产,售价99欧元。



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