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og东方|When it comes to cracking the Asian market — and particularly China — numerous American tech companies have tried and failed or never got their foot in the door in the first place. Now that same dynamic may befall fast-growing American apps.无数的美国科技公司在进占亚洲市场——特别是在是中国——的时候遭遇过挫折,有些显然就未能踏过门槛。现在,某种程度的遭遇可能会降临到快速增长的美国应用于上。Snapchat, a social media app that has become popular for letting people send short videos and images that disappear quickly, is facing a clone in Asia that has been downloaded 30 million times since last September, writes Paul Mozur. Made by the South Korean internet company Naver, the clone, called Snow, is like Snapchat in many ways, with features including ephemeral messages and videos and various camera filters.据孟宝勒(Paul Mozur)的报导,因可以发送到“阅后即焚毁”的短视频和图片而日益风行的社交媒体应用于Snapchat,在亚洲于是以遭遇山寨产品。



韩国互联网公司Naver的一个名为Snow的应用于,在很多方面貌似Snapchat,也有转瞬即逝的消息、视频,以及各种滤镜的功能,自去年9月以来,Snow的下载量已约3000万。Snow is different from Snapchat in one major respect. Unlike Snapchat, which is blocked in China, Snow is available there.两者有一个最重要区别。Snapchat在中国遭屏蔽,但Snow没。

Snow’s ascendancy in Asia illustrates the hurdles facing Snapchat, which has been focused on more general growth worldwide and not specifically on any single continent. By the time Snapchat gets around to more closely targeting local audiences in South Korea, Japan, China and elsewhere in Asia, it may find the market somewhat sewn up by a company that largely copied what it does.Snow在亚洲的优势表明了Snapchat面对的障碍。后者重视的是全球范围内的总体快速增长,没尤其侧重于某个大陆。



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