og东方|富士康瞄准印度 计划设立iPhone工厂

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og东方-Foxconn eyes India富士康射击印度Foxconn Technology is in talks to manufacture Apples iPhone in India.富士康科技集团于是以与印度当局谈判,计划在印度成立iPhone生产工厂。India could help Foxconn mitigate accelerating wage inflation in China, where it makes the majority of iPhones.当前富士康主要在中国生产iPhone,而在印度设厂有助富士康减轻中国工人工资大大加快下跌的压力。Lower production costs could also help Foxconn keep hold of Apple orders amid intensifying competition.较低的生产成本也不利于富士康在白热化的市场竞争中之后夺得苹果公司的订单。Foxconn has said it is aiming to develop 10-12 facilities in India, including factories og东方and data centers, by 2020, but had given no detail.富士康曾回应,计划2020年前在印度创建10至12一处设施,还包括生产工厂和数据中心,但未透漏任何细节。



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